Ingeborg Crum

10 Chemin de la Grande Montée
10210 Étourvy - France

T +33 (0) 32 54 67 656
GSM +33 (0) 64 00 68 574
E ingeborg@weerwoord.com

U kunt het huis vinden op de GR654 van Namur/Namen naar Vezelay.


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Pray and work

Place of tranquillity

Financial support

‘Ora et Labora’ - pray and work - is one of the main monastic rules of Benedict. This became in 2006 my own rule of life. As theologian with a lot of working experience in clerical work and working as an artist, I could realize my life ideal.

Based on the ecumenical principles I started devoting my life to the Mystery with a prayer three times a day according to the liturgy of Taizé and with working in the guest house, the vegetable garden and the atelier.


The whole project is supported by friends to make it financially possible to provide pilgrims and guests in silence a warm welcome.

Do you want to support WeerWoord?  You can transfer a donation to:

Association Weerwoord

IBAN: FR76 1080 7004 3612 3212 2938 289



I chose to create a house of tranquillity and contemplation. I hope to provide an inspirational place where the presence of the Mystery is tangible. By silence, nature and tranquillity of the environment. And with my ecumenical attitude I hope that this environment also with bring inspiration to those who have not any affinity with monastery life.