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Bronze and stone



WeerWoord – "re-action" in Dutch – is a project of Ingeborg Crum. The project found its roots in her desire to live predominantly in silence according to the Rules of Benedict. Since 2012 she is able to fulfil this desire in Étourvy, France

At the age of 16, I thought I had to choose between a monastic life and an education as expressive artist. At present, may years later, I live a combination of both lives.

I live and work predominantly in silence. This silence provides the space that fills my vision on life with images and forms that have a resonance, deposition and reaction “weerwoord” in my work. You can find an impression on this site.

My theological education and spirituality provide the inspiration for the themes of my work.

In the past, this became visible in my clerical work by using frequently symbols in funeral ceremonies.

At present, my sculptures form the “re-action”.

My inspiration is further fed through a strong commitment to society and interest in the world around me. The stories of others, together with my own experiences, provide the themes. And all this is fed and prompted by my joy of life and creativity.

Receive an impression of the work of Ingeborg Crum: